funny inspirational about life quotes


So I asked her, “why do you where such a long shirt on a hot day”? and then I looked closer and found out that it was her breast.

Never ask a drunk man a question because he will tell you the truth. – Old Funny Saying

People compare cheating to ice because they think its cool.

Blood is thicker than water, and common sense overthrows ignorance.

Marriage is like a contract, once you back out of it you pay.

I asked the kindergarten teacher why do she smile all the time in class, and she replied, “Because the school board is paying me a fortune to do nothing”.

Relationships are like tires, when one goes bad you should always have a spare.

Bums are like stock brokers, they would do anything for a dime. – J. Pleas

Women are like drugs to men, addictive, enticing, and most of them are harmful.

What is the best way to impress a room full of clowns? Answer: Become a clown

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